Finding the Right Hair Style for Your Face Shape
Having the perfect hairstyle is more than just getting a few snips. You have to be careful with what hairstyle you want to get. What looks good on the model you are looking at may not be the best choice for you. Since different hairstyles you could check over here go with different face shapes, it is important that you know what your face shape is before you make a salon appointment.

The best way for you to determine your face shape is by taking a marker and standing an arm's length away from the mirror. You then try to trace your face as best as you can. Step aside and viola, you have now drawn the shape of your face. Now that you know your face shape, here are a few helpful hints on what hairstyle works for each face shape.

Round Face

Short - Go with a lot of spikey layers at the top of the crown. Unlike a jaw hugging bob, a spikey pixie cut will downplay the roundness significantly. The choppy top will add height and create the illusion of a longer face.

Medium Length -If you want a bob, make sure that it falls on your collar-bone with wispy pieces along the neck line. This creates a face slimming effect.

Long - Go for long and barely there layers that fall at the jawline. This makes your hair fuller and keeps the volume away from the sides where you do not need it.

Long/Oval Face

Short - A chin hugging bob with layers will emphasize your face shape and add lift o the layers.

Medium Length - Get a blowout that hits at shoulder length. This prevents your hair from lying flat against your head which elongates the face more.

Long - Long strands with a side fringe. The side fringe will effectively shorten elongated faces like how a pert bob would.

Square Face

Short - Layered bob with subtle bangs will emphasize one's cheekbones rather than the jaw.

Medium length - Shoulder length layer that start right above the ends paired with sweeping bangs will camouflage a prominent chin. The side part will give an
asymmetrical effect that offsets the square jaw.

Long - Collarbone length skimming strands with longer bangs that fall at the cheekbones. The scattered layers will give a softer look and get rid of the angles.

Now that you have an idea of what types of design work for your face shape, you can now avoid getting disappointed when the haircut isn't what you expect it to be. You can still get your desired hairstyle, it is just a matter of getting more information like at  on how to tweak it to work best with the beautiful face shape you have.